Unlike other home buyers we believe in the a Win-Win scenarios.  That is why we created our services program, to help you during and after the sale of your house

We know full well that selling your house may be more out of necessity than a luxury.  Whether you are selling an inherited house, a house with a bad tenant, or selling your home due to financial issues.  We want to be who you count on to help you through this period in your life.  We have helped many others in similar situations like yours, let us work for you.
We have services to help make the selling process easier, from paying for your moving expenses, handling the paperwork to clear heirship issues, below are some of the services we offer at no cost to you.  In fact we pay you.
  • Moving Assistance Program to qualified sellers

    This is our signature service. We understand that sometimes you need a little help.  Whether it is to help you pack because you don’t have any help or ability due to health or work constraints. It can be that you may not have the finances available until you sell the property so you need a moving company or a truck, or a storage unit to keep your stuff until you find your next home.  Heck we have even done a 2 week lease back to let you move out after we have bought your property.  All this because we understand and we are here to help you.

We will get you boxes, bubble wrap, labels, we will call the movers to schedule and all you have to do is point where you want things picked up from and where you want them moved to.  It is that simple.  Again this our signature service and you will only get it with us.

  • Mobile notary and closing

    This is so you don’t have to take time from your busy schedule or if you or any of the sellers live out of the Houston area.  We will pay a notary to come out to get any documents notarized during the closing process and even schedule a mobile closing for you too.  All this at no cost to you, we pay for everything.

  • Estate Sale

    We work with many of the local estate sale companies, and we can help coordinate an estate sale for you.  After the sale, if there is still items left that didn’t sell, we can ship those to you, or we can donate them on your behalf

  • Donate or Discard Unwanted Items

    When you sell to us, take with you what you want and leave behind what you don’t.  We will donate all items to local charities and discard any items that should be discarded.

  • Drafting powers of attorney

    We can help you get the proper paper work that will be needed by the title company to help process the sale of the property, all this is done by attorneys which have fees.  Normally these are paid by the seller, but not if you sell to us.  We will pay for all paperwork drawn up by the attorney to assist in the sale of the house.

  • Help order certified copies of paperwork so you don’t have to

    We will help ensure that any paperwork needed to sell the house is furnished to the title company as fast as is possible.  Whether it is probate paperwork, certified copy of divorce decree, heirship affidavits, non-same person affidavits, ect.   Our team will help handle and coordinate all this so you won’t have to, and if there is any cost, don’t worry, we got that covered too.